Waiting for diagnosis

I have just joined this group. Just over 2 years ago I had a polypectomy (removal of polyp) following months of constant bleeding (I had been on low dose HRT but had stopped several months prior).

I had a follow-up scan prior to which I had been told if I didn’t hear anything then everything was fine. Last week I saw my GP because of night sweats. Night after night I would be woken 8 or 9 times and it was getting me down. Whilst there I mentioned I was having some pain in my left abdomen and that I had a large hard swelling. I could only describe it as it felt like a pregnant uterus.

He examined me and referred me urgently for scan. He also did a ca125 blood test which has come back raised. I have my scan tomorrow then presumably will see gynaecologist. I am presuming that I will probably need a hysterectomy. Just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience?


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