Very Frightened – Lizzy’s Story

I am due to have a hysterectomy and also removal of a TVTO mesh tape (Tension free vaginal tape procedure)! I am extremely scared. I have joined a support group for the mesh removal and hoped to find some comfort and support here as I know many ladies here have either had the operation or are about to undertake it.

My consultant cannot be 100% sure whether both the tape and the womb are causing the pain and problems. My womb is very enlarged and 10 years ago I had an uterine ablation which served me very well. However, I have noticed the inflammation (which I think is related to the mesh tape) is worse at menstruation!

I am nearly 53 am not particularly physically fit and a little over weight (I weigh 12.5 stone and am 5.5 feet tall!). I will be recovering from the trials of having the mesh removed and also the hysterectomy. I swing from minute to minute, just have one operation done and then go back for the other one if I am still in pain, to no have it all done together and have one massive healing.

My consultant thinks she can remove the womb through the vagina as it is palpable although large, if not she will have to intervene with abdominal surgery. I have so many concerns, recovery time, downtime, back to work, pain levels, will I be more at risk of pelvic organ prolapse, will sex be the same or will there be no feeling left afterwards, as the womb plays a part in sex and contractions. If anyone can comment I would be so very very grateful. Lizzy


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