My unplanned hysterectomy – Chrissie’s Story

I had been complaining of pain in the abdomen and heavy virginal discharge since my periods had stopped 15 months prior to my visit to the GP in January 2013. The GP referred me to a gynaecology clinic at the local hospital. After some tests I was informed I was suffering from stress and if the problems re-occurred then I should re-visit my GP.

The pain and heavy discharge continued and began to increase, I ignored them both and carried on work/ home/ family life as normal as I could and put any worries to the back of my mind. Well, I had been told my `problem` was stress related.

Early November I went for my three year smear. The nurse who took the smear said she did not like the look of what she had taken and arranged an appointment with my GP, who referred me to a consultant, after more tests, the consultant arranged a biopsy, following this I was telephoned at work and asked to visit the consultant the next day to discuss the results of the biopsy. At this meeting I was informed I had stage 2 cancer of the uterus… To say I was shocked is an understatement!!

An MRI scan was arranged, after this the MDT met, and the results were given to me via the telephone the next evening. I was asked to go for a pre-op and meet the surgeon the next day, and I was booked in for a total abdominal hysterectomy on Friday 13th December.

Since I had been given the news of the cancer, I feel as if I am outside of my body, watching everything going on around me in slow motion. Christmas is always a happy family time, I found myself `going through the motions` and I know my family and friends knew my heart wasn`t in it.

Week 4 has just passed and I am still sore and stiff. Also, I am ashamed to say, I am very, very weepy and sometimes I feel negative.

I think, had I had the opportunity to `plan` the procedure, I would have felt I had some control and, I could have read up on the subject and been in a position to ask questions relevant to my situation.

I have an appointment with the surgeon on 20th of January to hear the results of the histology, Once that day has passed, I am hoping I can start to think a bit more positive, and look to a bright future. I am only 56 years of age and I have a lot more I want to do with my life.


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