Unbelievable hysterectomy – Linda’s Story

I have called my story “unbelievable hysterectomy” because you would not expect this to happen. I am 60 years old and having a hysterectomy in 4 weeks, and I’m scared. Ten years ago I had a mirena coil fitted. Long story short, I had lots of pain and problems in the early years and have had lots of health problems too.

When it was time for the coil to be removed several doctors tried to get it out but could not. I then had a camera in my womb and they found that the coil was not in my womb and never had been. It had been pushed through the uterine wall into the muscles in my body on the outside of my womb, and there it lay for 10 years. I always felt that something was wrong and now I know why.

The only way to remove it is a full hysterectomy which I am due to have next month. I am of course worried, I also suffer from chronic neutropenia, which is a very low white blood cell count (at this moment in time it is at 0.1). I am at greater risk of infection. I could of course not have the hysterectomy and leave the coil in but it is not sure whether it is poking out and it could cause damage later on. So I have decided to get it out.

I just wonder if anyone else has had anything like this happen to them. I can’t be the only one. There is nothing wrong with my womb and but for this i would not need a hysterectomy. This is a very difficult time for me and my family. Thank you for taking time to read my story.


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