Two weeks after… Trish’s Story

Hi I’m Tricia – mine’s a flavoured earl grey or vodka /lemonade depending on the time of day! 4 years ago aged 57 I had surgery for breast cancer. Up until the surgery I was having regular monthly periods then BAM! straight into menopause and I wondered what had hit me.

My hysterectomy 2 weeks ago, removing tubes and ovaries, was as a result of a ‘grossly enlarged womb’ for which I had a hysteroscopy in August this year. I was still bleeding from this surgery last month when the consultant strongly recommended I have an urgent hysterectomy I literally had one week from him suggesting it and the surgery.

Fortunately, I am retired and my husband is looking after me very well. I went out for a short, slow walk today for the first time. I have been in no pain but my tummy is still sore. I am doing my exercises but only twice a day, not three times.

I do wonder about HRT because my cancer was oestrogen sensitive but I do feel I am going to need something to get me back to ‘my old self’.

Hysterectomy wasn’t on my bucket list but I am glad to have had the surgery so I can get back to yoga and fast walking. How impressed am I that I am no longer bleeding!!! Yes, it was scary but I think to listen to your body and be sensible. So glad I came across this site. Thanks


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