Trying To Make A Difference In Endometriosis and Adenomyosis

I’ve suffered horribly with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis possibly and I’ve contributed some of my story to this site in the past (campaigning-for-better-recognition-of-endometriosis-and-adenomyosis-elaines-story/). However, I was also desperately keen to try to improve things for other sufferers; although I admit that I was maybe a little uncertain as to how.

Time moves on, and I am now a tad more organised! I have put together an E-Petition to raise awareness of the problems that women experience when they are either seeking a diagnosis and/or treatment for a gynaecological problem, or else when they have been diagnosed. From what I have read on many websites, women (and thus indirectly, their partners, children, family and friends) are getting a raw deal. Many women (just like me) are left to suffer pain and a whole host of other debilitating symptoms for some considerable time before they are even correctly diagnosed.

Some (like me) are badly treated by medical professionals – told that they are “malingering”, that symptoms are “all in the head” or are signs of “stress” (or, worse still, hints are dropped that the symptoms are signs of “mental instability”!). Others (again like me) are misdiagnosed, and fobbed-off with irrelevant and possibly even inappropriate “treatments”.

Once a diagnosis has been made, it would appear that sometimes things are little better. Slow treatment, inconsistent treatment, lack of support, lack of empathy, lack of facilities…

I wanted to try to put an end to this. So… I put together my E-Petition. I would LOVE for people to sign it. The petition can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. At my Facebook site, which is Scroll down the page until you reach a link to the petition, which is about raising the profile of gynaecological conditions and infertility.
  2. At me website, called “A Butterfly Mind”. You can try typing this onto a search engine, or alternatively type in “Soapbox-I’ve A Bee In My Bonnet”. A link to the petition is on the “Welcome Page” of the website.
  3. At Department of Health, and the Government: Improve treatment for infertility or gynae problems

I really and truly would be grateful if people signed the petition. Also, I have other petitions that people can sign, if they so wish. Please check them out on Facebook or my website.

Thanks for all your help.
Elaine Ellis.


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