Travel Insurance and Fibroids a Timely Tale – Tracy’s Story

I am writing as I feel this may be of some use to those recently being diagnosed with fibroid and who like to travel. I have annual travel insurance through Virgin Finance.

Last year I was diagnosed with a fibroid, as this has probably been there for at least a couple of years I though nothing of it in relation to travelling. In March I asked for a referral to a gynaecologist because of pain. In May I had a laparoscopy, which confirmed this fibroid and many other small ones.

Our yearly travel insurance policy has come up for renewal, during the renewal there were medical questions asked. The last one being had I been referred to or seen a consultant (or similar), to which I answered yes. I gave the the information that they asked for, that I had a hysterectomy planned, why – for fibroids, heavy bleeding and constant pain.

I had contacted the insurance company a month ago to ask what happens, and was told to phone after the hysterectomy as cover could not be added until after the operation. I was advised that there would be an additional premium to cover the fibroids, without this I could not add the cover after the hysterectomy.  When I queried this I was advised that things had changed late last year. This could have been missed as I had an ultrasound via my GP to diagnose the fibroid initially, and this would not have been covered in the questions the insurance company ask, and if I had not had a referral in progress it may have been missed and I would not have been covered.

In summary I would advise anyone who is diagnosed with a fibroid to check their travel insurance, and advise them accordingly otherwise if they have any treatment or complications in any way connected to Gynae issues which leaves them unable to undertake a planned holiday, they may find themselves uninsured.


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