My total laparascopic hysterectomy :) – Lucy’s Story

I had a TLH (total laparascopic hysterectomy) this week, finally after having 2 previous cancellations, all went went, took everything apart from ovaries. They found a 12cm fibroid (goodness only knows where that was hiding) bought it out PV (per vaginam – through the vagina) – she said it was like a baby’s head!

All OK for a few hours, bleeding straight away in recovery but I was told it was to be expected, it got worse in the next 4 hours and passed a clot size of an orange plus loads of blood. BP (blood pressure) really low, temp high, HB (heamoglobin) dropping and I felt very light headed. Reviewed all night by docs and all sorts of people, went NBM (nil by mouth) again.

In the morning, consultants examined me and my tummy was very distended- she felt a collection and they thought I had internal bleeding. Had a CT scan, showed a large haematoma behind bladder. Had 3 units of blood, went back to theatre where they found a large collection of blood, haematoma and 2 vaginal tears.

Fixed it all thank fully! I had 2 lovely lady consultants doing the op and they said that they had never seen this before with the tears where they were. They think it was from where they delivered the fibroid! They said they should have done an abdominal cut in hindsight. I’m home now, really achy and tired but on the mend.

All in all I am pleased that I have had this done as I have lived with persistent heavy bleeding for the last year. I cannot wait to wear light coloured clothes again!!


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