My total hysterectomy – Kerry’s Story

Hi, I had a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oophorectomy five weeks ago. I met with the anaesthetist pre-op & we discussed the anaesthetic & epidural, which I opted for, we didn’t discuss post-op pain relief, as I didn’t realise that he was in charge of this too!

Needless to say I felt great when I came round, but was surprised not to have a POA ( patient operated analgesia) i.e. Morphine (as I had researched the operation and this was standard practice for major abdominal surgery and I had it after removal of my appendix) needless to say when the epidural and anaesthetic had worn off, I was in a lot of pain!

I stayed in three days & nights, and it was a great relief to get home. I found sleeping on my side with a pillow under my tummy & one leg over it & one under was as comfy as it got, I found I had to get up to pee a couple of times, my bladder did not like the catheter and I had an infection which antibiotics cleared. I still feel a little as if I have cystitis when I pee, but it’s getting better week by week.

I drove for the first time today and it was fine. I still feel more tired than usual, but that’s normal. I do have that horrible overhang above the scar, and my stomach is large!!!  And I have suffered with bad wind! Which has caused much hilarity & groaning from hubby & kids!

I was on combined HRT before the op & elected to continue on them throughout, despite this, I am getting hot flushes. The doctor has prescribed me oestrogen only now, but some forums suggest staying on both even without a womb! Even though, I had pain in the hospital, the experience has been pretty good and I can’t believe I won’t ever have another horrible debilitating period again and no tampax to buy hurrah.

Best wishes to anyone having ‘The Op’


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