Total hysterectomy at 45 – Debbie’s story

I was shocked to be told that a total hysterectomy was the best option for the large fibroids I had and given my mother had died of ovarian cancer, my ovaries would be taken too.

I was scheduled for laparoscopic (keyhole) and I had it all planned in my mind, home next day, quicker recovery etc etc. woke up in recovery to be told keyhole wasn’t possible and I had the abdominal cut.

My post op period was not great, very low blood pressure, abdominal drain still draining blood after 5 days, required 2 blood transfusions and was fasted for the first 3 days after the op with a view to coming back to theatre as they were concerned that something was bleeding inside.

Thankfully it never happened, was closely monitored and discharged home on 6th day. Very weak and tired for first 3 weeks, then began to feel more normal. Main issue was bowel discomfort. Wound itself was fine, no specific pain.

Now, after 7 weeks, am returning to work tomorrow. Looking forward to getting a normal routine back. Menopausal symptoms so far are hot flushes which are manageable just now, hope not to need hrt but will monitor this closely. Hope that my experience is useful to anyone anxious about a hysterectomy.


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