Total hysterectomy at 29 – Alyssa’s Story

Well my name is Alyssa and I had a total hysterectomy after I suffered with endometriosis for yrs. At age 21 I had my first surgery. 3 months later I was pregnant with a miracle baby girl. I say that b/c I had 6 total surgeries in 8 yrs trying to have another baby.

That bleeding got so bad it lasted over 30 days so I set up a surgery my Dr talked about a hysterectomy I signed a release just in case it ha to be done but my Dr assured me they wouldn’t do that.. After I awoke from surgery I noticed my stomach stapled 14 times the Dr told me endometriosis was wrapped around my kidneys it could have grown into my organs and been on dialysis for the rest of my life.

All I could do was cry!!!! I felt like less of a woman I couldn’t have my daughter a sibling or a son for my husband. The one thing a woman can do I couldn’t I was devastated.

But I have learned to deal with the decision. But the sweats r so bad it like I sweat in 65 degree weather if I clean I don’t take hormones bc breast cancer on both sides of family. Does anyone have some cure for sweating!! It’s like so bad I take 3 showers a day please help. Idk what to do…


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