Time to look forward and not in the past – Tara’s Story

My story began in 2007 when I was 22 years old when I had to go in for a simple keyhole operation to have a look at my ovaries. it was day surgery so I was sent home a few hours later, only to find that the following day I was rushed back in to A&E by my partner, and got rushed in to theatre as my bowel had been scraped. I had to be opened up to fix my bowel and was in HDU for 7 days. Later on to find out that if I hadn’t gone in when I did I would only have had up to five hours to live was a very scary thought.

Then during the year of recovering from this major operation I started getting a lot of pain when trying to move. In 2009 they did another keyhole operation and said that I had a lot of scar tissue and that it was over my bowel so they tried to free it up but sadly this didn’t not work. Then I got sent to a different hospital and they had a look and found that my ovaries and fallopian tubes were blocked and the only thing they could think of doing that may work is a hysterectomy. They did this in March 2011 but we found out towards the end of the year that it also didn’t work and they have told me that my insides look like a web covering my insides and that my bowel is now covered with scar tissue rapping around it. I have had to start coming of my medication and now starting to go to a pain clinic because I’ve got the start of liver failure.

I have also now been registered as being disabled as my doctor has said she carnt see me working again. But at the end of the day I’m glad to still be here but I’m also so cross with the NHS I blame them maybe I shouldn’t but that is how im dealing with it for the time being. thank you for reading.


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