Thrombosed External Haemorrhoid – A side effect after abdominal hysterectomy? – Tess’s Story

After feeling fine after surgery in June, I encountered an issue earlier this week which, I’ve been told, can be a side effect due to abdominal hysterectomy. Yep, I’ve got a thrombosed external haemorrhoid! Couldn’t believe it! Has anyone else ever had this issue?

I know that I’ve had one or two problems before and after surgery – the before bit being due to the fibroids; the after bit is because I had adhesion’s on the bowel, but they were sorted whilst I was having my hysterectomy, and obviously the body is trying to recover – but was shocked to find that I had this.

I’m lucky that I’ve got a pile cushion, although that was to help relieve pressure on my coccyx, seeing it’s been broken several times, and I’ve been given treatment by the doc to help my ‘piles’.

To say I’m gutted is apparent, as I’m unable to do my cycling (which I missed the most) due to this haemorrhoid basically ‘hanging out’. The swine…!


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