The Start of My Hysterectomy Journey – Sharyn’s Story

I am now 63 years old. I have 3 daughters all natural births. My husband and I were publicans and had a very busy life with the pub and also doing catering and a bed and breakfast.

I enjoy retirement but missed the contact with people that I had in my busy life. I decided to join a couple of keep fit classes, one of them was jassasize and I loved it! It’s then I believe that the prolapse started and it showed its ugly face (excuse the pun).

After months of putting up with the symptoms which the only way I could describe seemed like was I felt I was turning into a man!! May sound funny but it wasn’t very nice. The last few months it had ruled my life and when I was told I needed a full hysterectomy I was worried but relieved that I had finally realized it was quite common and it would help me.

I had my operation 3 days ago and hopefully my journey back to normality begins now.


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