The Next Step – Do I take HRT?

Hi there. I am at a little bit of a loss. I am now 43 years old, when I was 30 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer (only 5mm) however the consultant gave me 2 choices, to have another baby with the obvious risks, or go for a full radical hysterectomy. I already have 2 children, I didn’t want to risk having another and opted for surgery the next week.

Surgery went without any complications, 3 days into my hospital stay my consultant said I was all clear, all very text book, however I still thought I could die and was preparing my family (not my children of course) that I may not see Christmas, it took a nurse, a few months later to tell me that I would never get cervical cancer again as I didn’t have a cervix .. sounds silly writing it down. Anyway I proceeded for the next 5 years to go back for my checks everything again was ok.

Over the last 10 years there have been quite a few challenges in my life which eventually took me to the doctors, who diagnosed me with depression and prescribed Fluoxetine – (I also have an eating disorder). I have been taking these tablets for about 16 months.

I have just today only read that a radical hysterectomy means that they have taken my ovaries as well .. (I think !!)

The dilemma I have now is I’m finding it hard to cope, the floxetine (Prozac) doesn’t seem to be helping – I have read snippets about HRT, however I don’t know where to start to what I should do next?


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