The funny side of hysterectomy – Nicole’s Story

We all know about the sad side of hysterectomies but there have actually been some pretty funny things that have come out of this whole hysterectomy thing too…

1) In our family it is a big joke that the reason that I can find everything that is lost in this house is that I use my uterus to locate it. When I told the older kids that I was having a hysterectomy, the first thing that Jake said was, “Oh No! How will we find anything around here without your uterus!?!?!” Coley looked nervous and said, ” My uterus isn’t trained yet? I’m not ready!” HA! My kids crack me up. Just what I needed.

2) DJ, my super smart kid, who has performed numerous dissections in his Biology classes, asked me if my uterus would grow back. And when I laughed and said no, he asked if I would still be able to have babies. I looked at him and said, ” DJ, haven’t you studied this in Biology?” He said that he had, but that I wasn’t a cat so he wasn’t sure.

3) The night before my surgery, I told Hannah to tell her soccer coach that she probably wouldn’t be at practice on Wednesday. I explained that I would be coming home from the hospital that day and I wasn’t sure if she would be able to go to practice. After she was done with soccer, I asked her if she had told her coach what I told her to. She said that she had and then she said, “Mom, I told Krista that you have had several of your organs removed and that you were having surgery to remove another one! She was amazed and fascinated that you would be able to live with so many of your organs taken out.” (side note, I have had my appendix and gallbladder removed… apparently that equals several organs to a 9 year old. )

4) In a completely hormonal and melodramatic moment, I referred to myself as a “hollowed out jack o’ lantern that had my guts just scooped out and thrown away!” I also believe that I claimed to be a “gutted out fish” and a “barren empty cavern.” So maybe I am a touch melodramatic?!?

5) My mom ( God bless her!) came to my house to “babysit” me the second week after my surgery. I have had to be very careful not pick up anything over 10 pounds, no simple task with a 26 pound baby! She came to take care of me and the boys and to do any lifting that needed to be done. After the second or third day of her coming, Aiden, my four year old, looked at her and asked, ” Why do you need to come and babysit Nicole?!”

Another amazing thing that has happened, isn’t really funny as much as it is a really wonderful thing. I have been so blessed that my dear friend Lori arranged for us to have dinner made for us for over two weeks! That was such a blessing! And on top of that, my amazing little sister, brought us about a weeks worth of meals too! I just now, a month later, started to make dinner again! The food was fantastic, but even better was the fact that so many people took time out of their crazy busy lives to do something so generous for me and my family. Wow! Blessed Beyond!


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