Thank goodness I went to GP!! – Joy’s Story

Hi all. I started off the year badly! I slipped over on a slimey wet path onto my front & badly bruised & battered myself, this was in February 2014! In March I had an itchy clear discharge, firstly I thought it was thrush, & treated accordingly. But still it continued! I made an appointment to see my GP for the following week. Believe it or not on the day, of my GP appointment the discharge became blood stained, I may not have mentioned it otherwise! As I’m 3 years post menopause my GP fast tracked me to the local hospital! So in April I had an appointment for an ultrasound in the morning & hysteroscopy & biopsy in the afternoon!

The ultrasound showed my womb lining was 18mm thick & she told me this was why I was bleeding!

The hysteroscopy attempt was painful as my cervix was stenosed-closed off & I had to wait for day surgery to be knocked out for the next attempt! The waiting was awful, but I went on the forums on here for support & it’s wonderful how we ladies can support each other when we don’t even know each other!

On 24th April I had my 2nd attempted hysteroscopy & pipelle biopsy, when I came round they told me they were unable to do it again, but had taken lots of samples! I waited again For my results! 3 weeks later the Dr phoned me to say that there was no cancer or pre cancer!! I was elated!! But he said he’d consulted with the top oncologist team & they were still offering me a hysterectomy as they couldn’t get inside to take a proper look! I agreed to this as I’d read of other ladies with clear biopsies that when they’d had their hysterectomy cancer was found on histology! Also my Maternal grandmother had a vaginal bleed when in her eighties, which I felt could have been for the same reason!

In June I duly had my hysterectomy with bi lateral oophorectomy with vaginal removal. All went well & I was out of hospital in 48hrs! I waited again! As 3 weeks had gone by I began to think that all was well, so I rang to see if my results were back! Within 5 mins I had a phone call to say I had an appointment with my consultant 5 days later!

I was told that it was just as well I’d had the op as there was cancer in my womb lining grade 1A, which meant that the hysterectomy was the treatment, & apart from follow ups I shouldn’t need any further treatment!!

Thank goodness I went to my GP!! & thank goodness my GP listened! & thank goodness I decided to have the op!


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