Testosterone after hysterectomy – Maree’s Story

I had an hysterectomy when I was 42 years old. Ovaries were left in. At 68 years of age I had to have them removed. At 72 years of age having not had any HRT for 10 years I suddenly starting getting the most dreadful hot flushes and palpitations.
I asked my Doctor to test my hormone levels. Result extremely low. Discussed hormone replacement including testosterone with the Doctor because I was keen to go the bio-identical route. Difficult at first due to Doctor not keen to give prescriptions for Compounding Pharmacy HRT.

End result my Doctor agreed and so I was able to go the bio-identical route (no progesterone if you have had a total hysterectomy). Hot flushes and palpitations only come back if I do not use the creams for more than two months. What a relief!


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