A Strange Year – Patricia’s Story

I had to have full hysterectomy ( luckily it was keyhole and I was only in hospital for 2 nights) last December followed by 5 weeks of radiation, January/ March. It was a very tough time but with the help of my lovely partner and friends managed and in April I was back to enjoying life a bit and attending the odd light exercise class.

Some time in May I noticed that my right leg was a bit swollen and mentioned this at my 2nd check up at Guys in July and was diagnosed with Lymphoedema. This got worse as the summer got hotter and I managed to get an appointment at The Lymphoedema Clinic there and I now have to wear compression hosiery.

The week before I was diagnosed I had booked a 3 week holiday to South Africa and as the time drew near – 18 September – I did think about cancelling it as I wondered how I would cope especially doing a 3 day Safari and the long flight. I did go and it was the most wonderful holiday experience and has given me so much confidence in spite of my gammy leg.

I have now also gone back to doing 2 oldie exercise classes a week and hope to go back to my Yoga classes in the New Year – nothing fazes me now and who knows I may even go on another long haul holiday!!!!! I still get nervous when my check ups come round but these will get longer in between months and I remain totally positive.


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