Still Waiting for My Hysterectomy – Mandy’s Story

I was diagnosed with CIN3 (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia) in May 2012. I received laser treatment. I attended my review three months later, in August 2012, and was told that the laser treatment would not work and that I would need a hysterectomy.

I have been waiting and waiting to hear from the hospital, it has been five months now, I assumed that hospitals are busy and there are long waiting lists, but to be waiting for five months is no joke.

So, I made an appointment with my Doctor on Monday, he gave me the phone number or my consultant’s secretary. I phoned that day but kept getting the answer machine. I phoned the gynaecology department at the hospital and was told that his secretary was only in on Thursdays.

I phoned on Thursday and managed to speak to her. I told her my worries and at first she didn’t know what I was talking about. I gave her my name and hospital number for the third time and she said she would look into it and would phone me back. I waited all day and no phone call.

I have now filled in a patient liaison form online and will continue to phone my Consultant’s secretary and also make an other appointment with my GP. The thing is I am so worried, due to the time this whole thing has taken.

My daughter is expecting her first baby in the summer, so I’m going to be a grandma. I want this whole business to be done and over with so I can be 100% there for when my daughter has her baby.


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