Saving my life – Mel’s story

Hi, I am a 55yr old woman who had been through peri-menopause and not had a period for 18mths. Then in the beginning of July 18 I noticed my breasts felt larger and really very sensitive. In August I had a period which I thought strange so went to GP.

I was told not to worry but as there was a slight chance this could mean cancer I would be seen within 2wks at hospital. I tried not to worry and got my appt with the gynaecologist. He did a hysteroscopy and found a polyp which he said looked benign but needed to be sent for tests.

I later received a phone call from a gynaecologist nurse telling me that I had pre-cancerous cells and needed a chest x-ray and MRI scan. Well now I was worried but had to be strong.

The results showed that my uterus had thickened and there were pre-cancerous cells here too. I was offered a total hysterectomy which removes cervix and overlies as well or regular internal checks every 3mths. I knew I had to have the hysterectomy as I would just spend my life worrying.

By September 26 I had my hysterectomy, very quick!!! , which was done laparoscopically. I must mention here that the air they pump into you is quite painful after, it was for me anyway. It even goes up to your shoulder!!! But after trying to move about in the ward(with catheter) for a day and pain relief I got through it as will you. So with the catheter removed and having achieved enough wee I was allowed home next day. Here I had to inject myself with blood thinners once a day for next 7 days and take laxatives for constipation. My incision wounds healed well but I now have what they call a rectocele.

This is where the tissue between vagina and bowel is weak so the bowel pushed into the vagina, a prolapse. So the poo gets stuck in the bulge and sometimes it feels like it’s falling out(it isn’t though). Not very nice as I have to “splint” the weak part with my thumb to enable poo to come out. So Ian is writing this at 6wks post op and my follow up appt with consultant isn’t until 9wks. This means I am not able to return to work yet as it is quite a physical job. Also as I have been less active I have gained weight so not happy about that. However I keep reminding myself at least I didn’t leave it and end up getting cancer so I have to be positive.

I have to add that sighing up for the daily emails has been a great boost everyday so please do it.

My journey is not over yet but hopefully this will help some of you.
Good Luck xx

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