Such relief – Hayley’s story

I had always looked forward to having children , unfortunately after two failed attempts of IVF we decided to call it a day. Each month was no picnic but was told by my doctor (what did you expect every month!); I’m no longer see this doctor. So put up with what I thought was normal.

After my mum died in 2014 from ovarian cancer mum left it to late and of should of had a hysterectomy 30 years ago but was too frightened of the operation and hospitals. After seeing mum die the way she did frightened me more than the operation so I decided to get checked fortunately after biopsy, blood tests and long talks with the consultant it was decided that I have full Hysterectomy.

I had put up with a lot of discomfort each month I found out why was because I had been told I had thyroid’s and cysts when I was having the the scans through IVF. To continue with the IVF I had had 3 small procedure’s.

My op was 20 July 2015( just turned 50 ) my op took 41/2 hrs due to a lesion which was attached to my bowel, bladder, womb and appendix they had to bring another surgeon in before my hysterectomy op could go ahead hence the length of my operation.

I remember looking at the clock in recovery and it was 3.10pm; I’d gone down at 9.00am. I can say hand on heart it wasn’t as bad as I thought, this is coming from someone who doesn’t do hospitals.

Once I was back on the ward I was expecting to be in pain but was fairly comfortable and better again once my drain was removed (I just wish my poor husband had been kept informed as to why it was taking so long as they said I’d be back on the ward by 11.30am, only after several requests did he find out at 2.30pm!!).

I was out the next day around dinner time as long as I could go to the loo 3 times, which I did. Along with my pain killers and injection, the pain was manageable.

It’s important to be sensible, listen to your body and do not do anything. Do your pelvic floor exercise’s before your op and after, sleep lots, hold a pillow against your tummy if you cough, sneeze, it really does help.

Everybody is different and we all heal at different rates and you do start to feel better day by day. Just listen to your body and don’t stand when you can sit. I’ve been taking my harmony pills and evening primrose and starting to feel better, the hot flushes are getting a lot less just stick with it. (I also took Arnica tablets before my op and after you never know it may of helped). Hope this has helped you and I should of done it years ago, don’t put it off xx


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