Hysterectomy Recovery is Personal – Stephanie’s Story

Just thought I would add my story to this long list of very helpful encouraging information. I had been suffering with heavy bleeding and anaemia for about 2 years. In January this year my husband noticed a lump above my pubic bone. I delayed going to the doctors because we were expecting 3 grandchildren to be born anytime. My sons twin girls were born on 16th January at 4.15pm, then my daughters 2nd son was born at 4.15am on 17th January.

It was a pretty hectic time for us all. I was so wrapped up in all the grandchildren my own health came second. However by February the lump had grown quite considerably therefore I decided to go to the G.P. and get it looked at. Since I had suffered a previous ovarian cyst 16yrs ago i was sent for a scan. I was diagnosed with fibroids one large one within the womb and several within the walls of the uterus, my womb had grown to the size of a 4 month pregnancy in 2 months.

I had a hysteroscopy and biopsies taken in march, which were clear. A hysterectomy was planned for the 31st July. I had total hysterectomy with both ovaries and cervix removed. That was six weeks ago. I had my six week checkup today, all was fine, no malignancy found. I mentioned to the consultant that I felt like everything was falling out of my vagina and had pain on passing urine. She said that the feeling as though things are falling out is due to the fact that things are settling into new positions within the abdomen, then examined me for prolapse which was negative, this reassured me for now.

She took swabs due to discharge in vagina. She thinks it could be thrush, which I thought myself too. I had already had a course of antibiotics last week for a water infection, so they took another urine sample for testing in case there is still infection present. She encouraged me to drink plenty of water to keep my system clear. My bowels have been fine, but I take a glass of prune juice every day which i think has helped a lot. I started HRT 2nd day post op and have not had any hot flushes since op.

I’m getting tired very easily on minimal exertion. Also pain in upper abdomen and around op site. Consultant said this will settle with time. I am taking walks around the block every day, and am increasing the distance gradually. This tires me out and I have to have a cat nap when I get home.

I am coming to the conclusion that everyone is different and recovers at different times. However, I am totally reassured by all the comments, I am absolutely normal. I am a staff nurse and work in a busy department, I have been given an extra 4 weeks off and hope to be able to get back to work by the end of them.

I have no control over how long this is going to take so I am taking advantage of all this free time and am enjoying knitting scarves for the grandchildren, and am going to make some bunting for their rooms. I hope this has helped someone a bit. All the comments have greatly helped me feel better about this whole process of recovery. I wish good recoveries to everyone who have had their procedure and best wishes to those who are still waiting to have theirs done. Steph xxx


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