Positive Hysterectomy – Sally’s Story

I had an elective and positive hysterectomy 6 weeks ago after suffering from PMDD for about 26 years. This condition only allowed me two goods weeks each month where I could function normally. The remaining two weeks were hell and at times I didn’t want to live anymore.

I had a full hysterectomy (laparoscopy), because my ovaries were the cause of my many problems. I am having a few problems with oestrogen levels but these are minor compared to what I was suffering with before. I am now able to plan ahead, I no longer have to stay in bed each month for days, I can drive my car safely, I no longer have the terrible rages and mood swings and unpredictable behaviour, I can empty my bowel with ease (haven’t been able to poo properly for years) and most importantly don’t feel suicidal and I am able to maintain relationships.

My hysterectomy has given me my life back. You can read so many negative stories about hysterectomy that it can, and nearly did put me off having one. It has been a breeze. I had very little pain after and was up and about quickly. The only pain I do get is joint pain, which I did have before but not as bad. Not sure if this is due to insufficient hormone levels or too much at present.

I am looking forward to resuming my sex life and have no worries that my vagina will be too short etc as I have read on other sites! I only wish I’d had the op years ago.


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