Polyps – Sue’s story

I didn’t in fact end up having a hysterectomy.

I had Polyps removed in December and the biopsy they did then showed Complex Hyperplasia.

I was told by the Consultant to stop the HRT I was on (I take the one that still gives you periods) as I had Complex Hyperplasia and to take some continual form of progesterone, preferably the Myrena Coil and to stop taking any form of oestrogen. I was told categorically by several Consultants that it was the only course of action. I decided against the Myrena Coil as my daughter had had a terrible time when she had one fitted and decided to go with the continued progesterone orally. However, I found that I couldn’t stop taking oestrogen as the migraines l got when stopping prevented me from doing anything and so I didn’t even get as far as taking any of the continual progesterone. . I have been on HRT for over 10 years.

The Consultants would not listen to me that I had caused the problem myself by a misunderstanding. I had polyps removed in December (this is when the biopsy revealed Complex Hyperplasia). Prior to this I had been bleeding for about 2 weeks out of every 4 weeks since June. As I had thought I was having periods, in fact it was the polyps bleeding, I hadn’t taken the progesterone part of my HRT (so by now I hadn’t had any progesterone for about 6 months). I told the Consultants that I was sure that if I just resumed the normal HRT that the lining would shed and the Complex Hyperplasia would go. They said this wouldn’t work as I would still be having oestrogen and they said the only course of action was a hysterectomy.

They told me that by the time of the 6 months biopsy I could have full blown cancer which obviously frightened me and they booked me in for a hysterectomy on 13th March

I then saw the surgeon at the end of February who actually listened to me. She obviously thought my solution might work. She also listened to me about how I had had a stapled haemorrhoidectomy 8 years ago that had gone horribly wrong and that I was having tremendous difficulty with the idea of yet another operation. She then decided instead of the hysterectomy planned for 13th March that I could have a 3 months biopsy instead. The result of this biopsy was completely clear.

So whilst I accept that the Gold Standard treatment is what the Consultants repeatedly suggested to me they failed to listen to what I was trying to say to them, it was only the Surgeon that actually listened.

Furthermore I had a lot of problems in my own mind about the treatment they were suggesting. My lining was thickened and if I had taken the continual progesterone I wouldn’t have had a bleed. With taking my standard HRT I had a bleed every month thus shedding the lining of the womb which worked. This made far more sense to me as I couldn’t see how the thickened lining would be reduced by continual progesterone.


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