Pending TAH for Fibroids – Nadine’s Story

I consider myself lucky by being able to say that my periods have never been unmanageable which is one of the reasons my OBGYN finds my situation to be so odd and had put off considering me a candidate for hysterectomy until recently.

I started off having my gallbladder removed, coming too after the surgery and having the Doctor tell me he found “something else” which turned out to be a fibroid growing up off the top of my uterus. It was not expected to grow so big so quickly, and now three years later my uterus is quite enlarged, I look pregnant and there are multiple other fibroids crowding for space – as the US tech said “too many to count.” My OBGYN’s watch and wait approach changed upon seeing those results.

I try not to laugh too much because of the potential to “have an accident” and sneezing can be a terrifying experience because there will be some degree of “leaking” Its funny, I thought that only happened to ladies who have had children but I discovered that is not the case! It is uncomfortable to carry anything with a bit of weight behind it -especially if it rests against my tummy- it hurts and I try to avoid drinking alot because it seems I an running to the ladies room frequently. Those things I can mostly overlook although they are a bother but the week before my period when I am a bloated -I have to sit up very straight because I feel like I can’t breath properly and my stomach seems to be full much sooner than usual after eating.

It is strange to hear that even though I am only 36 years old, I will never have children and soon my periods will be a thing of the past. Coming to terms with that was harder than I had anticipated- even though I hadn’t really considered having children having the option taken away seemed unfair. I comfort myself by saying maybe the option was never really there in the first place for me and luckily I work in a public school with 650 children so I am not completely missing out.

Tentatively my surgery is scheduled for June after school gets out for summer break but my OBGYN said if she thinks it needs to be moved up she will not let me wait. I will find out at my appointment in February. Sadly a TAH is in my future. The less invasive procedures are not going to work with the amount of fibroids I have and I get to look forward to six to eight weeks of time off from work. It will not be easy to sit still but after reading what others have written I understand the necessity of allowing myself to heal and not pushing myself.

I am feeling fairly confident after all my research but a bit anxious too. Not looking forward to spending a few days in the hospital. The OBGYN said it will likely only be one but I don’t want to count on that.

I guess I would call myself tentatively optimistic?


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