Peggys Hysterectomy Story

I had my hysterectomy surgery in April 2007. I am 41 years old. Uterus was removed, fallopian tubes and ovaries stayed. My decision was a no brainier. Get it taken care of or bleed to death.

I missed my period in Aug & Sept 2004. Then, I finally started and it never quit. I went to General practitioner and he put me on 4 pills of birth control a day for 3 days to stop the bleeding,then tapered down. Well, I started bleeding again. Huge clots that would litterly take my breath away for a bit. Would get really light headed and dizzy. Ended up having what I and the Dr. thought was a miscarriage.

What was terrible about the whole ordeal was my husband has had a vasectomy,,,, twice,,,, They missed the vasectomy on the first try and ended up taking muscle tissue out, believe it or not I did get him back in once again 6 months later. This time it was a complete cut from each side. Sperm sample was taken in and all was well. So I had to deal with an emotional struggle with how I could have been pregnant.

Finally, the Dr. took a closer look at the tissue that was passed and figured it could have been a cyst. Had a D&C and was good to go for about a year.

Fall of 2007 started to bleed heavily once again. My OBGYN suggested an ablation. Before I could have that done which was the next day I had to have 2 pints of blood transfused. I had a blood type that contained a lot of antibodies so I only received 1 pint that day until they could get more of my type in. I came back the next morning before the ablation and received the other unit of blood. I thought it was coming out as fast as it was going in. Had the ablation – not to bad.

After surgery I just felt a burning sensation down on my lower abdomen. It felt like the crowning part of child birth. It was really minor a few Tylenol and I was alright. Went home the same day. No bleeding for exactly 1 month, then a little started and continued on. It was just a small amount, but enough to make me wear a pad. This disappointed me so much. I was ready for “new underpants” hoping it was going to be taken care of.

In January my Dr. decide to set up the hysterectomy. I held off until April hoping it would quit. No luck.

April 24th at 6am I was admitted to hospital scared to death for I have never had a big surgery where I would end up staying. Surgery proceeded at 7;30am.  Did not feel a thing. Came out went to my room. Dr. said all was well. She did a bikini abdomen incision. Removed the uterus and a small cyst on the fallopian tubes and one on an ovary. I did not know why she did not remove it all, thinking here we go once again, ‘I will be back in a year for ovarian cancer or something’, but my mother has osteoporosis severely and she was concerned I would carry that trait and if I could maintain my ovaries I would avoid that. If of course I increase my calcium.

I went thru a rough couple of days. Very sore. Thought I made a wrong decision. I should have just lived with the bleeding , but here I am 4 months later and I feel great. I keep waiting thinking I am going to get my period any day now. Its not here yet. Most import thing to remember is to follow directions. It does not heal over night, it really does take time.

Guess what my gift to myself was right after surgery?

A package of new underwear.

I threw the old stained one out and have new undies that are not stained anymore. YAHOO!

Sex life is great. Once in awhile I can feel my husband tapping on the inside of the spot where it was sewn back together from the uterus removal, but its minor compared to not being able to enjoy my husband.

Its the best decision I have ever made. So far!


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