Ovarian Cancer Risk and Still No Hysterectomy – Antionette’s Story

I am horrified that in this day and age so many women have to suffer in silence and when they speak out because they have had enough they are made to feel stupid and worthless.

I sympathise a lot as I have been suffering with heavy periods since my teens, was put on the pill for this at 16 got pregnant at 19 whilst on the pill, after having my daughter it got worse. From then on I had more pain clotted periods a couple of D & C’s then I had my son, then even more pain I had a laparoscopy where they found cysts on my ovary. All the time the pain was getting worse.

I then had my last child when I was 27 and I was sterilised as I did not want any more children. I was given the mirena coil at the same time to reduce the periods and pain as they were so heavy lasted 9-10 days and very clotted. It helped for 4 years and then gradually got worse again, I suffer from depression I cry at virtually any program that has anything remotely sad including all soaps, I feel ridiculous!

It has got so bad in the last 18 months I had insisted my doctor refer me to a gynae again, since being seen I have been tested for everything I have a prolapse, stress incontinence; I have had 4 x C125 tests for ovarian cancer which have all come back more than double level it should be.

My gynae says this is because I have fibroids which they found on the ultra sound. I have been enlisted on the MEDAL study which is research being done currently to see if they can get better results from an MRI scan vs a laparoscopy to see what the diagnosis will be.

I am due to have my MRI on the 14/2/13 and will be having the laparoscopy on the 5/3/13 at this point my gynae will decide what will be done, I have made it quite clear that I want a hysterectomy as I am not having any more children – he didn’t seem keen on this so I am worried that he will try and fob me off with something else.

For the last 3 months I have been in agony every day in my pelvic area, like it is being clamped, and my lower back like some one is sticking a knife in either side, it used to be for 2 weeks solid now there is no break and I just want it to stop.

How much pain do we have to have to be taken seriously. I would be more than happy to help with the cause for all women in the same position. If it wasn’t for my husband, who has been the most caring and understanding person I have ever met, I may have resulted in doing something incredibly stupid as I just want to give up sometimes. For those women that are not in the position to have that support it is vital to have other help.

I will be demanding as well as my husband on my behalf to have a hysterectomy to put an end to all this pro-longed pain as we will not be fobbed off any more! Even the senior nurses I have spoken to have said after looking at my notes “you need to tell them you want a hysterectomy and don’t take no for an answer”.


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