Oh to be a man in the next life!!!!!! – Claire’s story

I am a mother of 3 (22,17,15 yr old) I always thought I was quite lucky and never really had ‘monthly’ problems but for some reason 7 yrs ago when I was 37 I began with constant bleeding and constant pain and discomfort. It seamed to take over my life.

I had appointment after appointment but never really got anywhere. With so many symptoms to deal with. After 3 years I was told an ablation would solve my problems. This procedure was done but only with local anaesthetic!!!!!! Worst mistake ever.

After being allowed home I refused to go back to the same consultant. I began with even more and worsening symptoms and, as life is a busy one, it got harder and harder to keep going. I was sleeping so much, was not wanting to go out as in so much pain and discomfort. I did research and found the consultant who did my breach delivery and he started me on hormone injections that were unsuccessful over many months.

After looking at my scans etc he said a full hysterectomy would be only answer. It seemed I had several cysts on ovaries and they burst and then I would get more. I also had endometriosis which nobody had ever told me. I had constant UTI infection and bladder problems, I gave myself time to come to terms as it is such a huge operation. For weeks I was grumpy, tense, scared as an anaesthetic is a huge thing.

I was on the operating table for 6 hours as my bowels had also been affected and a general surgeon had to be called in as well at the gynaecologist. I woke and felt like I’d been run over by a bus was very tearful for several days, one nurse explained to me it’s like a baby blues. Your body is just so relived to have no pain but then you start menopause so many other things take hold and you find yourself in an abyss of sorts.

I am currently on a drug called Livial, it works very well but I am still having sweats, mood is on and off, I find it hard to focus for long periods,I am over emotional. Am in a constant battle with my self but I am a pint half full person and am certain it won’t last forever. My main worry is that none of my friends have had this operation or started menopause so I feel they don’t want to listen and that they belittle my symptoms . I know that I am a good friend and Life is good and I am a very lucky I say this with tears as I hate feeling sorry for myself.

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