New lease of life after awful bleeding – Angela’s Story

I have had a year if awful bleeding, clots the size of my hand etc. in May last year I had a scan which showed I had quite large fibroids and an enlarged womb the decision was made to have a hysterectomy after I had 3 months on the injection to put me in temporary menopause to try to reduce fibroids to make surgery easier (which didn’t work they didn’t shrink and I even had a couple more little one appear!).

I had to decide whether to have my ovaries out or to leave them in, as I am 43 it was my choice. I decided to leave them in as I have never had any trouble and I wouldn’t go through the menopause immediately ( if things aren’t broke don’t fix them!!). I had my total LAVH on the 31 Oct and after the op I was in a little pain when I came round but nothing bad and after that I had no painkillers.

I felt so relieved the op had gone ahead (I got high blood pressure just before the op and they were going to cancel) I felt great even the nurses commented that it didn’t look like I had just had a major op!! I went home after 24 hours in hospital and after a couple of uncomfortable nights I was fine. I did take it easy not doing too much too soon and no heavy lifting!! I went back to work 4 weeks after and it was like I was just the same my energy levels we normal – was a little tired the first couple weeks after. I had no pain no complications and I look and feel great it has changed my life for the better and I feel so free!!


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