My subtotal hysterectomy – Faye’s story

I had fibroids diagnosed back in 2008. I was having episodes of flooding at various stages of my cycle it was awful. Had the fibroids removed in 2011 but they virtually grew straight back. I could feel them and felt lots of pressure.

Was also having rectal pain as one of the fibroids was protruding into my back passage. Saw my Consultant in May 15 and referred for a hysterectomy but the Consultant wanted to remove my cervix because that was what she did!! I said I had never had an abnormal smear so would prefer to keep my cervix and my ovaries.

Finally had my surgery a subtotal abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingectomy on 25th September and am now day 3 post op. Started walking the day after the surgery and have been walking since. Did over half a mile today.

No housework and am otherwise taking it easy but need to get out. Abdomen not too bloated post surgery but have had indigestion.

Had a spinal anaesthetic during surgery which helped massively with my post op pain. Initially took codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain for the first two three days, but today pain doesn’t seem too bad so am sticking to paracetamol. Abdomen just feels numb and very tight. I’m pleased with recovery so far but know it could change. Feeling positive.


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