My Subtotal Hysterectomy – Carol’s Story

I am exactly 3 weeks postop, having had subtotal hysterectomy including ovaries (for personal reasons). I also feel really lucky because I have had hardly any pain, had a bikini line incision in previous c-section scar and it has healed nicely.

I had catheter, drips and drain which were all removed day after op, staples removed on day 5 and final 3 huge stitched on day 7 and was dreading them coming out but I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing!!

I had self administered pain relief at the push of a button for 1st 24 hours and I used it mostly just the first night then I felt good enough to only press when changing position. My worst thing has been wind pain, 2nd day actually so had it was like labour pains but worse. All I wanted was to pass wind but couldn’t even squeeze a bit out it was so sore. Finally managed on 3rd day, 1st bowel movement on day 4 and 5 then went home. Didn’t manage again till day 10 and that was helped with movicol and lactulose!!!

21 days later I’ve been Xmas shopping, out for dinner, and short walks and feel great. Still having wind problem but can do it, just hurts a bit and a weird sensation!! I just have to remember that I’ve had major surgery and need to take things easy, my body tells me when I’ve done enough! Hope my story helps others, I was absolutely terrified to have this done but not nearly as bad as I expected x


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