My Radical Hysterectomy Badge of Courage! – Chelle’s Story

Hiya, I had a radical hysterectomy 11 weeks ago this Saturday. I had extreme endometriosis, the pain had took over my life, I also have MS so I had to do it, although it is the total opposite of what I wanted. I am 43 without children, I had Clamidya as a young woman and didn’t know and it fused up my fallopian tubes which couldn’t be repaired as they were also fused also to my womb. I so wanted children, we did IVF 3 times and it didn’t work, I decided that I best not try again as the second & third time it made my MS bad.

Anyway, the Endo has got much worse over the last few years and the last year extreme, I needed to do it, I was living in constant pain. So now I am recovering from my Hysto, and I have to say OK. It is not totally better, I still have pain on the inside, deep healing is happening, so I still take it easy. I do not vaccum, or do anything silly, although yesterday I did too much and today I can feel the pain more. I have to remember that it was major surgery, my ovaries are gone, the left one was fused to my pelvic wall.

Womb is gone and my cervix, OMG did I really do it? Was I really that brave??? Ha yes I was ladies, and although I am sad for my loss I do cry and that is part of me now, I am also happy that I am free of pain and periods! I did the right thing, and really I didn’t have a choice.

It will take time to recover, I know, I get very tired so easily, but hey my body had alot to recover from. I also had a meningitis scare a week after surgery, it wasn’t though, it my MS playing up!

It will take me longer to recover hey with my MS?

Hot flushes are yuck, HRT in late August I can’t wait, but we have to give the endo time to die away.

I love my wound scar it has healed lovely, and I wear it with pride, it is my badge of courage! Love & Light Chelle xxx


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