My Hysterectomy Recovery – Lisa’s Story

I have 4 children 15, 13, 11 and 11, since my last two (twins) were born I have suffered with heavy periods! I teach Pilates and Fitness Classes so this was sometimes a real challenge, often I would have to leave the class to change my pad etc.

I had the Mirena Coil fitted and for 5 years everything was OK. Then I had to have it replaced……. The replacement was rejected by my body into the shower tray, then I had a third replacement which was also rejected, during all this my periods were everlasting and really, really heavy…. I was exhausted and finding it a challenge to teach my classes and look after the family.

I was referred to the gynaecologist who was so shocked I had been given two further coils due to the size of my fibroids (26 wk) also I had an enlarged uterus 4 x’s what it should be. A hysterectomy or ablation was suggested. As I had scar tissue from my c sections I couldn’t have the ablation, so opted for a full abdominal hysterectomy.

On 24th July I had my hysterectomy. I wasn’t nervous I just wanted to feel normal again! My operation wasn’t as straight forward as the surgeon hoped as I bled a lot and had to have an ovary removed as it was stuck to something and bled heavily. When I came round from the operation I was in a lot of pain I pressed my morphine pump, a lot! I had odd dreams (morphine induced). I was mobile the following day. I was however surprised to find out my wound was not dressed, I have a large belly overhang so it wasn’t getting any air and was getting sweaty. I was discharged with no advice whatsoever.

On returning home my wound started to get red and infected so I visited the Dr. Since then I have had to have the wound redressed every 4 days as it’s not healing brilliantly, the nurse told me my stitches are really bad! I feel OK in myself but wasn’t prepared for the unknown. I am now two weeks to the day since my op and feel like I have much more energy, but just going for a walk makes you so tired.


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