My hysterectomy journey – Marianne’s story

My hysterectomy journey has not been straight forward. I’d been experiencing serious problems with flooding with urine when I had a cold since my son was born 12 yrs ago. When I sought help yrs later, it was put down to pelvic floor problems. Because I couldn’t cope with the intensity of physio requirements, with no scans I was declined surgery.

Over the past 2-3 years I developed problems with my bowels and every morning, had to make frequent visits to the loo, with the occasional ‘accident’. I got fobbed off at primary care level. So, earlier this yr, I went to the GP with very heavy periods and pelvic pain.

A referral to surgical assessment showed a ‘mass’ hiding my ovaries. The pain just got worse and worse, and for two weeks, I was told I could have ovarian cancer. My local hospital weren’t very helpful and I could never get past administrators by telephone.

It was determined I had a large fibroid attached to my uterus but wasn’t aware that it was also feeding and growing on the blood supply of the rest of my stomach!! I got fed up, and taking strong painkillers took my spark away. I found I did have a choice of where to be treated, and changed GP and got referred to a different hospital.

I had my total abdominal hysterectomy a week ago. I was very nervous but knew I was in good hands. I was talked to by the anaesthetists who gently put me to sleep. I lost two litres of blood but had amazing care through the night. I woke up feeling a bit sick but much less pain.

A week later, I’m doing really well at home after a 3 day admission. My bowels are fine, I’m not incontinent anymore because there is no pressure on my bladder, my anaemia seems to be improving, and I’m getting stronger everyday. I’ve got over-emotional 3 times but was told this would happen. I went straight onto HRT patches which seem to suit me. I’m off those nasty painkillers and I’m really looking forward to getting back to work. Its frustrating not being able to drive at the moment but you have to plan for that, so Internet shopping and lifts off family are keeping me going.

Don’t get fobbed off by medical people, know that you have rights, do your homework, pre-plan how you recover. It’s your body, which also means taking control yourself. I also joined this site as part of my recovery plan and its really useful!! I’m feeling good!!


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