My hysterectomy after PID – Deanne’s Story

I was only young when I had my two children with a previous partner, but I was having problems with heavy but painful periods, so opted for sterilisation in 2008, unaware nearly 5 years later I would regret that decision.

Over the years my periods where still heavy and getting more painful even sex was too, couldn’t understand why it was making me more bloated too. GP said I needed to have another smear test and he noticed I had more infections than normal every time I visited, so referred me to a gynaecologist. Especially when I was holding my left side the whole time, and the pain was so unbearable that it landed me in hospital 4 times to find out what was the cause of it.

One hospital said it was PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). The hospital where I finally got the proper diagnosis mentioned it was a botched up surgical procedures I had through the sterilisation that they hadn’t sewn the coil properly and it ripped all my fallopian tubes as it came out itself. No wonder I was in agonising pain, even worse pain during the premenstrual cycle.

I had no choice but to sign consent papers for the hysterectomy as he had no choice but to take everything out, to stop the heavy bleeding and continuous infection I had. Now I have migraines from hell.


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