My hysterectomy experience so far… – Mona’s Story

I am 45 and I had a total abdominal 11 days ago with one ovary remaining. Reason was for large fibroids (1 kilo-2.2 lbs). There were complications after surgery ( excessive bleeding), so I had to go back in to surgery after I was finally waking up. They did not re-open but went in vaginally to resew something.

All this led to the need for blood as well. Everything seems to go on track and all indications of eventually came into place (pressure, blood count, temp, bladder, bowls, etc) except for pain.

In hospital I had the most excruciating stabbing, stinging on my right side below my incision. That was the worst and although it is not as unbearable, it is still a special pain I am enduring. And the docs and nurses all said it was normal as my insides have had a beating.

I am moving at a snails pace all day and sit and stand so slowly. I really wonder if I will ever be strong again. When can I do what I want? No one will know but my body, this is a tough one to accept.

Pain is much easier to deal with if we knew it was ok or normal. Being women as well I think we are more prone to worry. In hate laying in bed wondering if my pain is normal, or if I should call a doctor. What is normal anyway?

Thanks to all for showing that this surgery is different and that we are all very different in how we handle it.


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