My Hysterectomy Experience – Roseanna’s Story

I am writing on behalf of my partner. We live in East Northamptonshire and the op was done at Kettering General.

It was decided in February 2012 that following an ultrasound and an internal investigation with a camera, that a full abdominal hysterectomy was required. The op was carried out mid September with admission into hospital for 0730 on a Thursday morning. Op was from 1130 till about 1330 and then recovery. As is fairly usual a cut was made on the bikini line for about 6″ – 8″. She left hospital Sunday morning with we were told no follow up of any sort required. As I write we have just been to a walk in centre as one side of the scar is weeping and slightly infected, she is now on antibiotics.

Seven days after the operation she burst into uncontrollable tears, and we were told this is a combination of anaesthetic and hormones (her ovaries were left in place). She is feeling better each day and we hope the pain subsides once the infection is under control. Watch this space……….


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