My Emergency Hysterectomy – Melissa’s Story

My emergency hysterectomy began on June 7th, 2013 when I was admitted to our local emergency room due to uncontrollable vaginal bleeding. I had been dealing with heavier and heavier periods over the last two years, but lately they were getting ridiculous. I was missing days at work as well as social gatherings. I was exploring some of the options to deal with this issue with my doctor. However, everything came to a head on June 7th.

I made a last minute appointment with my doctor since the bleeding seemed out of control. My doctor soon sent me to the emergency department to see the on-call gynecologist. The gynecologist sent me for an ultrasound and they could see one 3cm fibroid that seemed to be causing all the problems. I was given some heavy duty medication and was told to go home and the bleeding would stop within the hour. We set up an appointment for the next week to meet with the gynecologist to discuss the next steps.

After being at home for 2 hours with no change in the amount of blood I was losing, I returned to the hospital. The nursing staff then spent the next 18 hours or so trying to get the bleeding under control. They finally did so by Saturday evening. I then spent the next several days in hospital, being monitored while doctors tried to decide where we should go from there. I was eventually scheduled for a hysterectomy for Monday evening. Everything went very well and I was sent home Tuesday afternoon. I have since been at home recovering and everything seems to be going well. Feel free to read more over at


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