Lymphoedema Awareness – Chris’s Story

I had a Wertheim’s hysterectomybilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and pelvic lymph node dissection in December 2010. All went well. I was informed that as I had had lymph nodes removed from my pelvis, that I had to be careful about getting Lymphoedema.

As I do quite a lot of sport I always carried with me disinfection wipes and spray plaster. To try and stop infection. However, I went on a long haul flight to Australia, wore flight socks, walked around the plane often. But, when I reached my destination, my legs ankles and feet were twice/three times the size!

It took several days to abate. From that time on I had problems with my legs. I have since discovered that I have developed lymphoedema in my legs, and the long haul flight was the factor. I wish to make people who have had lymph nodes removed and are planning any flight to see a lymphoedema clinic, to arrange to have the appropriate support tights, as the flight socks are not enough. Lymphoedema is debilitating and once you have it, there is no cure, only ways to lessen it.


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