Looking forward to the rest of my life! – Lisa’s Story

Since Monday 18th March I have ventured forth in the adventure that is the rest of my life! My menstrual problems began after a post-partum haemorrage following the birth of our second child – natural delivery of a 10lb 6oz bouncing baby boy!

My cycle went from accurate to irregular. I went on to have our third child, another boy but only 9lbs 10oz this time! Menstruation resumed irregularly and that became my life. Carrying a second set of clothes to work became the norm, sitting and then standing fearing flooding and then the duration of this became longer until latterly I used to get 4 days off between cycles! I became seriously anaemic Hb dropped to 5.2 so needed a transfusion and then they started investigations.

Firstly I had a polyp removed and then the Mirena coil fitted – “the grappling hook” fell out after 3 months and then a 2nd fell out after 4weeks.Then I had an ablation which didn’t stop the flow but reduced it considerably all was good for 6 months and then it started again bouts of anaemia and virtually constant bleeding. I was referred back and thankfully saw my fabulous gynaecologist Mr Basama again. He worked his magic removing my womb,ovaries and cervix – my womb was the size of a 16 week pregnancy and full of fibroids! Better out than in don’t you think?

I am in my 3rd week since the op and from the moment I came round from the anaesthetic I haven’t looked back.Being a very good girl doing as I have been told and taking things steady! I feel like a new woman and I feel blessed – I am thankful for my surgeon’s expertise and experience and for enabling me to live the rest of my life free from pain and anaemia. The nurses were fabulous nothing was too much trouble and after some of the experiences I had read about here I was quite nervous about that.

I realise that this may not be everyone’s situation and I am very fortunate in that we have 3 great teenagers and so I haven’t the psychological trauma aspect of the hysterectomy taking away my hopes of having a family but if you are facing this don’t be scared or fearful – I was, thought I wouldn’t wake up from the anaesthetic. It will change your life but if your situation is like mine it will change it for the better. Looking forward to convalescing, the lifting of the 6 week embargo and a phased return to work after 12 weeks and I’m still excited about going to the toilet for just a wee without and mess etc pathetic I know but its been years!!!!!


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