Living only two weeks out of four! – Eilean’s story

From the start of my period around the age of 11 my life was misery! Every month for a few days before I suffered pain and “grumps”. For ten days I bled. Not a little, quite a lot, through towels and clothes!

Medical people sympathised, but it was “one of these things!” For the years between 27 and 30 there was some relief. I was pregnant twice. Relief until I finished breast feeding, then the troubles really started. Every month I bled uncontrollably for four days and bled for a full 10 days. Back and forward to the doctors, given medication, going on the pill etc; there were side effects that I was not at all happy with so I opted to stop medications. Symptoms came back. I had D & C procedures too.

Twice I was rushed to hospital, with dreadful bleeds. Twice male doctors told me there was no need to do anything – my uterus was healthy as were my ovaries. There was no need for surgery.

Third time it happened the male doctors were away. I saw a female doctor. She asked if I wanted to have more children, the answer was NO. She thought my situation was abhorrent and asked if I would consider hysterectomy. I said as I had been sterilised when I was 30 I would be happy to have the procedure. The operation was done the next day. I have never looked back. Life has been good. No trouble with menopause although I still have my ovaries. No sweats, no flushes no problems at all. Hysterectomy gave me my life back. Thanks to a lady doctor!


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