Light at the end of the hysterectomy tunnel – Anne-Marie’s story

I gave myself a light at the end of the hysterectomy tunnel as I believe in putting all my chances on my side when it comes to surgeries. I researched and prepared myself well before my hysterectomy.

For ex; what to eat, before and after, making sure I bring home meds that do not cause constipation… I had a chart on the fridge that reminded me what I can or cannot do on a weekly basis, (it also helped my husband realise how long a process it was!).

I looked forward to the coming weeks which would bring me closer to my normal self. I did everything I was told to do during the recovery. I was lucky and did not have any complications. But it is a major surgery and a shock to the body.

I wish all doctors were experienced in the less invasive hysterectomies. Unfortunately, my doctor did not feel comfortable doing a laparoscopic surgery and so I had an abdominal hysterectomy. I could have gone to another doctor but I was told not to wait too long, as I had a risk for cancer. The good news was I had no cancer.

I am now in my 6 weeks post-op and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am looking forward to my post- op appointment with my doctor to thank him and voice certain concerns I had ex; toilet issues and sore back when I am cooking .

I admire every woman who goes through this surgery and hope that you all get the support you need and deserve during your recovery.

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