It’s All Over Now – Diane’s Story

Hi, I had my hysterectomy in October and they removed my womb & ovaries & surround tissue but left my cervix. The op went well with no problems, I was on a morphine bump which I didn’t use that much. Moving was very sore to start with but did improve & I left hosp 5 days later.

At home things continued to be fine no loss down below just very tired. A week later I got an infection in my wound which cleared with antibiotics, moving got easier & I started to do little things.

At 6 weeks I had a hosp appointment which I thought ‘ok check up go away enjoy your life’ but no, I was told they found pre-cancerous cells in my womb so I would have to have another operation to remove the cervix.

I was a mess but with the support of my partner came to terms with it. I had my cervix removed on 4th March by keyhole surgery & everything is going well. I received call from hospital a week later to be told everything was clear so nothing had spread.

I’m now going to focus on getting back to normal & having pain free months & no bleeding. I have suffered from menopause symptoms but am coping so far. I just want to say that I was terrified of having my bits removed but it was the best choice I made & the end result is worth it, just be brave take it slowly & you will get there in the end.


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