Is this hysterectomy really happening to me – Karen’s story

The start of my story was a particularly bad period back in January this year, resulting in a visit to the Doc and a referral to gyne at local hospital, an ultra sound showed up a polyp which was removed 6 weeks later in day surgery.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happen next! I was asked to attend and emergency MRI scan and Gynaecology consult (4 weeks post polypectomy) to discover that the polyp was cancerous and the MRI was to check that it was contained with in my womb, (this meeting was like having an out of body experience, I am 46 fit and healthy and had had no symptoms to suggest there was any problem apart from heavier periods since hitting through big 40).

My reaction was one of tears and questioning that they actually had the right person? My consultant was brilliant and reassured me that they have caught everything early and that everything should be straight forward, however the best treatment was to proceed with a total hysterectomy including tubes and ovaries, this would be done laparoscopically and within a month.

The results of the MRI were good and the open was planned as originally discussed for 29/09/2015.

Tuesday 29th arrived as did I to the hospital at 7am (I have never been so scared in all my life). Consultant came to see me Anaesthetist can to see me and the amazing nurses all helped to calm me down.

8.30 I am on my way to theater and by 9am I am asleep, 2 hour’s later and I wake up non the wiser of just what my boy has had done to it NO PAIN is what I can remember the most and just wanting to sleep. By 2pm I was sitting up in bed having my much and a well deserved cup of tea with my mum who had come to visit me and not quite believing what she was seeing (still no pain).

The evening visit by my husband was a highlight to see the relief in this face (trying to hide his worry and provide the support I had needed for the last month had been hard for him). That night I slept well still no pain (but I had a morphine driver to help with this just in case).

But at 4 am I was rudely awoken by the dreaded wind; a nurse, some movement and pain relief and a little embarrassment later this had gone and a good nights sleep was had.

The next morning I woke up still with no pain a little discomfort but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. My consultant popped up to see me before her clinic to say that everything went really well and that I could go home once I had had my catheter and drips removed, and had been up and moving around. By 9am this had all been achieved, just needed to wee 3 times to check everything was working properly (this created a bit of a giggle in the ward never has a wee been so important and monitored by so many! ). Home time came at 2pm.

Although a little scary to be going home, it was so nice to get home with my own things and own bed. My animals were very happy to have mum back home as was my amazing hubby and equally amazing mum who moved in to help look after me for the 1st 3 days.

Tomorrow it is 1 week since my operation, and it really hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting it to be! I have managed all discomfort by paracetamol, the wind has been very uncomfortable but moving around has helped this, my tummy is a bit bruised but I am able to do all my pelvic floor exercises, doing a BM is not always comfortable but this getting better daily.

I have been out walking and am already up to 30 mins without any side effects. The hardest part is stopping myself from doing all the things that I would normally do in a day, but my body makes it very clear what I can and cannot do! I am making the most of having my meals cooked for me (think I will make the most of this for a few more weeks). I am having flushes but they don’t last for long and cool drinks and fresh air help cool the whole thing down, not sure about HRT and not an option until histology results and follow up with consultant.

I hope I haven’t bored anyone who has read this story. I have been totally truthful and for me this has been a total roller coaster ride. However the operation has been a success and the recovery is so far been easy, big knickers and this group have been a big help all the way.

If you are about to go through this, I hope my story will help you! Try to be as positive as possible, don’t be scarred to ask questions, eat well, drink plenty, get up and move around as much as possible and take your pain relief.


P.S don’t forget the big knickers.


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