Incisional Hernia after Total Abdominal Hysterectomy – Margaret’s Story

I had my TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy) 3 years ago (I was 61 years). The reason for needing an op, was not about hysterectomy, but needing to have a 22cm ovarian cyst removed, the doctors thought may be dangerous, they decided its best to also have a TAH.

So really having the hysterectomy op was a precaution. The reason I decided to post my experience here, is this. Two years after the double op, while working towards selling my property, I heard a sound of ‘pop’ somewhere inside me. I did not realise then what was happening. The next day I was in the worst pain I had ever had. In short, because of the op and big vertical cut 2 years previously, I had developed an incisional hernia.

I had to live with this pain for months, it got less as time went on. I was ignored by the hospital for a year! Then I saw their specialists, one agreed it should be repaired but because I had/have liver disease the liver team would have to be present at the op. More time elapsed, then my liver specialist saw me to explain they will not be operating, as it would carry an huge risk ie life or death, this was due to my low platelets etc. So I have to live with this unsightly bulge. Even as recent as last week I was told any operation on it remains “a no no”.

Though I was alone all through this, I coped at home and healed fairly quickly, until this happened. So please be mindful that this can happen, after, not just hysterectomy of course but any big surgery on the abdomen.


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