Illprepared for hysterectomy – Paula’s Story

I was told a hysterectomy was my only option for the endometriosis I had suffered from for many years, as it was so bad a total removal of my ovarie,s tubes, womb and cervix by cutting along the bikini line was my only option.

At the age of 45 and not really understanding the enormity of this op I agreed with the advice of my consultant. Now 5 mths later I’m stunned at the lack of pre-op information as well as post-op.

After 3 days I was sent home with an exercise leaflet and no foretelling of what was to come. Pain like I’d never experienced but coped with, a bladder that could no longer function right, a brain that can’t or won’t rationalize, weight gain, depression. And absolutely zero support from anyone in the medical profession. I’m now pain free from endometriosis but confused and alone with a list of side effects that were not explained to me.


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