I felt the youngest on the ward! – Katie’s story

I guess I’ve always had problems with my periods right from the start. Even having my children was eventful, I’m so lucky I had them in my twenties. By the time I approached my thirties my periods were horrendously heavy. Eventually I saw the doctor and had a coil fitted. Well what can I say my period did go a bit lighter…. I ended up having periods for almost a month I was lucky to have 3/7 days free of bleeding.
I went to see my doctor regarding smear tests and ended up being referred to gyne regarding my periods. At the age of 35 I had an ablation ( I was told I was too young for a hysterectomy) which did reduce my periods, I was pain free!! Life became fab, I got so much more fitter progressed at work, no longer feeling tired. Two years ago – bam my periods decided to go longer getting a bit painful. I just put it down to a blip didn’t go to the doctors for six months or so as I wanted to see how my cycle was going. The pain in my pelvic/ hip area was horrendous. The doctors referred me straight back, my scar tissue from the ablation was causing the pain. I was thinking I was pickled in fibroids like last time. This time the consultant said hysterectomy, she couldn’t understand why they didn’t give me one 4 years ago.

I had my op 8/5/2015 should of been keyhole but ended up abdominal. I remember waking thinking what have I done I’m only 39 years in the youngest on this ward!!

I’m now 5.5 months post off, I would be lying if I said life has been easy.

Positives: no pain no periods full stop. Life is getting back to normal. I still have moments where I still can’t lift heavy items.

Negatives : mood swings, hot flushes, watching people who are having children later and I’m thinking I so cannot. Not being able to do the sports I used to do for a few more months like running, Crossfit. My ovaries feel like they scream at me for trying to run or if I’ve walked to and from work; worked a full day. My body still gets tired now, I haven’t attempted trying to exercise on days I work and often find I’m sticking to swimming or yoga on my days off.

My Crossfit instructor has said to allow 8 months before returning and then it’s very basic workout.

I hope this helps any ” younger” hysterectomy ladies. I wanted to write my story a few months after my op regarding recovery in the hope it helps someone. I also found support pants and supported crop bras ( brought mine in Matalan reasonably priced and the bras from M&S.) like sports bra very helpful to support the belly and my boobs as they got bigger and fuller.

Thank you all for reading.


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