I did all the right things! – Jan’s story

Hi, I just thought I would share my story in hope it will give others a little hope and to appreciate their life.

I have always been healthy and ate well, I served in the armed forces, fit, run half marathons, swam and entered any activity and event which raised money for charity, so I never thought I would have to face the sad times I have had over the past few years.

I got married later in life and got pregnant but miscarried on first attempt and then a few more. We went for tests but they came back as being OK and our only hope was IVF. Unfortunately we had to pay and after a long chat both me and my husband decide it was not for us. So we got on with life and out of the blue after six years I fell pregnant again, only to miscarry after my scan.

I struggled to come to terms with why life had been so cruel as I had accepted we would probably never have children and then life does that to me. I did get over it and moved on with my life but just over 2 years ago I went for a routine breast cyst drain, but the consultant wanted me to have a mammogram as he did not have one on record for me and I was coming up to 48 it was a good idea.

Unfortunately the mammogram revealed a 8cm & 2cm areas of calcification’s. After a painful 2 hour biopsy, it proved to be cancer. The worst came, I had to have a mastectomy straight away, no lump removal as the areas were to large. I was stunned this should not happen to me I did it all right – ate well, exercised, not smoked and didn’t drink much – what happened I asked myself.

But the good news was the cancer was just sat there it had not moved and so by having a mastectomy I did not have to have any form of chemo or radiation. I was told I was very lucky which I do agree as so many women face worse than me, and so I moved on again. But unfortunately in November 14 I started to want to wee a lot and also had backache from the front of my groin right through to my back – I never suffer from back ache and started to worry as always in back of my mind after having breast cancer, I would get ovarian cancer.

I went for my scans and was told I had cysts on my ovaries and fibroids, both very large and numerous. My consultant told me I had 9 fibroids one of which was 4.5 cm and cysts on my ovaries of the same size. Due to my breast cancer I had to have a blood test for tumour markers. Luckily this came back very positive and I was urged to have a full hysterectomy womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries etc.

I really did not want another major operation but my consultant kept saying it was the best option for me and would take away all the worry so I eventually agreed and on 6th Feb 15 went into hospital, terrified and scared and thinking, if I ran away I could just pretend everything was OK and see what would happen. But in my heart I could not let my family down as they were all desperate for me to have the op, as they wanted me to live.

I have to say this website prepared me for the op and what I needed and how I would recover. It was a hard first 3 weeks and I so wished I had not had the op but now I am on week 8 and nearly there. So I say to any woman thinking of it just do it, prepare yourself and read this brilliant site and never give up no matter what life throws at you; I haven’t.


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Other people’s stories help women feel less isolated. They show that they aren’t going mad, missing the point or stupid.

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