Hysterectomy mystery – Molly’s Story

Hi ladies. I’m from Zimbabwe, Africa. My hysterectomy mystery started in 2004 when I was 24 years of age. It was my last year at college to complete my Bachelor of Commerce in Economics honours Degree. I used to have heavy flows and pains during my mensuration but there was a time I was about to go back to college for my first semester 4th year.

I started bleeding non-stop and feeling very weak. I went to our family Doctor who referred me to go to a scan, that’s when I got shocking news that I will never forget. The doctor told me that I have very big fibroids that are about to burst and my uterus is now deformed it needs to be removed with immediate effect.

The Doctor told me I will never in my life have children. Ladies that day I will never forget. I cried until all my tears dried. I was booked to a hospital the following day without even knowing what’s going on. As young as I was no-one evn told me what hysterectomy is, ladies I suffered.

My mother was not there I was with my sister. After a day my operation was successful. After 2 days I was supposed to go back to college to finish my studies I was taking so many tablets I was in pain but I had to go back to college to finish my studies. At college I found myself sharing a room with a pregnant lady. That was a tough experience knowing very well I will never be pregnant in my life. I used to cry every time I saw the lady’s pregnancy.

No counselling was given to me up to now I had to do my research to know what was removed and what happened. I started also growing big. After completing my studies I started dating a guy after some time I told him what happened to me he just left me. I tried 3 more all leaving me. Since then am so lonely, no marriage, no child as am staying alone I can’t adopt.

I was thinking of getting a surrogate mother but it’s so expensive to me. At one point in my life I thought of taking my life. Life is not easy for me ladies I suffered, am still suffering. Recently I tried to date a divorcee who has 2 children but still he needs some more children so it’s not working.

Life is so boring I have never enjoyed in my life. Many times I wish I was dead. Every time I am with other women I feel so low and shy when they talk about their mensuration cycles. That’s my true story.


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